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HO Clan - gaming clan

Welcome to, we are a multi-gaming clan that have been around since Unreal Tournament 2004, we started our group in the year 2004, we have been around for 8 years. Our original UT2004 server was called Mutually Assured Destruction. We are friendly folks, and always invite new players to come and chat or play with us, all that is required is a good sense of humor. We play everything from RPG, FPS, RTS, and everything in between.We also do not tolerate hackers or cheaters, so if you do that, find a different group to play with, we strive to keep a legitamit player base. Our current game of choice is Battlefield 3, you'll find our server information below, I also host two Killing floor, two UT2004, and one UT99 servers. Anyone is welcome to join our public Teamspeak3 server and come chat with us, or click on the members link to contact us via xfire. You can also join our groups on Xfire at:HO clan on Xfire, Steam community at:HO clan on Steam, and our enjin page at:HOclan on Enjin
*Check forums or ask a HO for Private Teamspeak3 server access, or use our
Public Teamspeak3 VOIP server

Version: 3.0.1
Teamspeak connection info
IP: (or
For backup purposes please use xfire voice chat if the Teamspeak server is down!